Everything you need for a new Puppy

February 12, 2020

Everything you need for a new Puppy

It's such an exciting experience getting to invite a new puppy into the family. But puppies are a huge responsibility, and require certain equipment and care before welcomed into the house. 
Is this the first time you've gotten a new puppy, and you're not really sure what you need? Here is everything you need to settle your new fur baby into your home.

1. Puppy Bed

It's important to get a good sized bed for your new puppy. One that is not only comfortable but also secure, as your puppy is probably feeling very overwhelmed in their new house, and in need of some extra security.
We recommend any beds from our Puppy Page. Especially our best selling Puppy Cuddle Bed, not only cozy and soft, but also a great size for your puppy to feel safe and supported.


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2. Collar and Lead

Your puppy will grow fast, but in the meantime it's important to get them used to wearing a collar that fits right from them now. Preferably with a name tag and number, to ensure no matter where your Puppy goes your details are always available if ever needed.

We recommend our Soft Leather Puppy Collar & Lead set, for an extra $29.95 we will also engrave all your needed details onto the provided dog tag. 

henley and co australia luxury dog products

3. Food and Water bowl

They may not eat very much now, but a good sized dog bowl that will last their lifetime is important.

Because puppies are generally very playful, we recommend our H&C Dog Bowls that have a non-slip rubber base so your puppy can't cause a ruckus when woofing down their food.

henley and co australia luxury dog products

 4. Puppy safe toys

Full of energy and mischievous, a safe toy to keep them occupied is a great way to also keep them out of trouble. 

Because puppies are inquisitive and often fond of different textures, we recommend our H&C Snuffle Mat. Place their favourite treat or toy within the fabrics, and give them hours of entertainment.

henley and co australia luxury dog products

5. Training Treats

Your puppy is in a crucial stage for learning acceptable behaviour. Training with puppy safe treats is a great and positive way for them to learn good behaviour. 

We recommend our 100% naturally dehydrated Beef liver treats! Not only are they scrumptious to your pooch, but packed with 100% natural protein and homemade with love.

henley and co australia luxury dog products

6. Waste Dispenser

This is crucial, especially for toilet training your pup or when they're ready to go on walks. 

We highly recommend the Henley & Co Waste Dispenser, as it comes with biodegradable bags. So you can pick up your pups poop knowing your not leaving harmful plastic waste. 

henley and co australia luxury dog products


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