Fighting against Animal Cruelty

May 01, 2019

Fighting against Animal Cruelty

It's easy to sometimes forget about all the raw evil in the world. To digest that another human would have the ability to prey on the innocent. Unfortunately animal cruelty is a very real issue, and our fight against it is a cause we hold very close to our hearts. 

Henley & Co was built on our immense love for dogs and a passion to fight for their welfare. We have been an official supporter for the RSPCA for years now, and continue to do everything we can to aid their fight against animal cruelty. If you suspect or have witnessed an act of animal cruelty, abandonment or neglect click here to immediately report it either online or by the phone.

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Our beautiful H&C founder, Kate, has been fostering a pooch called Marlowe through the amazing RSPCA Victorian Foster program. Kate had the privilege of experiencing first hand just how committed and hard working the RSPCA are to helping animals in need. On the very day Kate's adoption of Marlowe was finalised, we released our new We Heart Rescue Range. A Collar and Lead set with 100% of the profits donated to RSPCA's fight against the inhuman treatment of animals.

RSPCA is Australia's leading animal welfare charity with a vision to end cruelty to all animals. Unfortunately in the year of 2017 alone there was over 57,092 complaints made to the RSPCA of suspected cruelty to animals. This needs to change.

How can we as animal lovers do our part? There is a long list of action you can take to assist this amazing organisation's mission, to care for the welfare of Australia's animals. Here is a few to start with.

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Update your next collar and lead buy purchasing from our We Heart Rescue Range

Animals don't have a voice, so let’s unite to be a voice for them. By purchasing one of our beautiful We Heart Rescue Collar & Lead Sets, you too can help in the fight against animal cruelty as 100% of the profit from your purchase will be donated to help RSPCA's mission against cruelty to animals.

Pet Legacies

Have you considered who could care for your dog after you are gone? Over population in Australia's shelters is a huge problem, with a limited amount of resources, ensure your beloved pet always has a home.

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Foster Care

Provide a new start to a better life for an animal in need. The Foster care program gives these animals a temporary home while awaiting to find their next family.


RSPCA is a non-government community based organisation, that relies on outside support to fund their missions. Every penny counts!

Adopt from a Rescue Shelter

A new puppy will bring so much joy into your life, but adopting a rescue pet will provide so much more than that. Give a rescue animal a new home, and fill their life with love.

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Henley & Co will continue their partnership with RSPCA Victoria, and has proudly donated over $200,000 worth of products to assist in the welfare of animals,including ongoing support through its 'Rescue Range', whereby 100% of profits from this source is also donated.

Henley & Co is also actively involved in fund raising events, such as the Annual ‘Million Paws Walk', and continues to work closely with the RSPCA in raising ongoing awareness of care and welfare of animals.