Keeping warm this Winter

May 30, 2019

Keeping warm this Winter

Icy mornings, chilly afternoons and days that feel like nights. It's the time of the year where it all seems that little bit harder to drag yourself out of the house. We all buy our big coats for the season, wrapping ourselves in layers and turning up the heat. But as we prepare for the dropping temperature, what can we do to keep our pets warm and healthy this winter?

Some breeds of Dogs are blessed with a thick coat of fur, which naturally maintains their temperature. But the way different breeds of dogs handle the cold comes down to many more factors than just their coat type. Coat colour, size, age and weight are all key elements in how well your pooch can keep their heat.

For most parts of Australia, the temperature doesn't drop below 5 degrees in the midst of winter. Although, that is no where near the freezing temperatures of other areas around the world, wind chill, dampness, and cloud cover all effect how your dog can stay warm. 

Here are few things to think about when making sure your pooch is nice and cosy this winter!

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A good sweater or coat for those morning walks

Cold weather can be as hard on your dog as it is for us, so a good winter coat or sweater will keep them warm for those outside adventures. Click here to see our full range of coats and sweaters for all sizes!

Warm bed

A big cosy bed that is either thick or elevated up off the cold ground, is sure to keep them warm at night. Click here to see our range of beds to find one that is perfect for your pooch this winter. 

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Indoor Dog

It's crucial to maintain a healthy exercise regime for your pup, by still taking them out for regular walks. But when the temperature begins to drop, it's best for them to be inside. The best way to know when it's too cold for your dog, is to go outside yourself. Whenever you feel it's beginning to get too cold for you is when your pooch should come in too. 

Do not overfeed

Don't fatten up your dog during the colder months in a misguided attempt to keep them warm! Like us, cold temperature may bring on lazy behaviour and the need for fewer calories. Be mindful with maintaining regular exercise and healthy meal portions. High quality whole foods, and preferably a meat based diet may ensure a healthy coat for your dog.

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Extra care for older dogs

The colder weather can often inflame existing medical conditions, like arthritis. Which is why it's particular important to keep your dog active.  


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Keep your dog warm this winter with our range of coats, sweaters, a cosy blanket and warm beds! Click here for everything you need!

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