Melbourne pet laws and guidelines

June 20, 2019

Melbourne pet laws and guidelines

Melbourne is a pet loving city, with dog friendly beaches and beautiful parks. It's no wonder we have been rated the highest pet owning city in the world. But what does it technically mean to be a 'responsible' pet owner? Providing love and care for our dogs is by far first and foremost! But there is a responsibility of making sure we are all aware of the pet guidelines and laws as set by the City of Melbourne.

We all have a general idea of what it means to be responsible in terms of owning a pet. I'm not sure about you guys, but I am a bit hazy on what actually constitutes an infringement in this case. As we all want to give our dogs the happiest, healthiest and longest lives we can, its important to recognise the public boundaries that are officially set by our councils. So here are a few guidelines that are stated on City of Melbourne website.

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Register to your dog and ensure they wear their provided registry tag in public

By law all dogs must be registered and microchipped to your local council. If your pooch isn't registered or your registry hasn't been renewed you can receive a heft fine of $322. If they're found not wearing their registry tag in public you could also be fined $81.

Clean up after your pup

Pick up the poop! It can be an expensive toilet break if you're caught not cleaning up after your dog, a fine can be up to $250.

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Wearing a leash to and from off leash areas

It's important that your dog is wearing a leash outside of off leash areas, if not this can result in a fine of $161. This infringement also includes making sure we have efficient control over our dogs in off leash areas.

Respecting the community

I know it's hard to believe there are people out there who don't love the company of dogs like we do, but there most definitely is! And it's important to consider every kind of person when you're out in public with your pooch. If a dog is caught rushing or chasing someone it can result in a fine of up to $161.

If your dog is on someone else property after a previous warning, you may also receive a fine of $81. 

A curious and explorative dog may be an expensive situation if their caught wondering in public without supervision. During the day a fine can be given for up to $242, at night it could be $322.

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We cannot guarantee that this information is accurate, nor should this be taken as an official guideline for any possible pet relating infringements. Information was gathered from the City of Melbourne website, for any further questions regarding infringement fines please call 03 9658 9658, or click here to head to the City of Melbourne contact page for more information. 

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