Puppy Training Tips

May 08, 2019

Puppy Training Tips

House training your new pet takes a lot of patience and time. Every dog is different, and there are so many factors that will effect your dogs ability to be house trained. Breed, background, and size are all key factors, for instance, smaller dogs with smaller bladders will need more opportunity to relieve themselves. The most efficient training techniques, ideally should be suited to your specific dog, if this is what your looking for, find your local professional puppy trainer!

Here at Henley & Co we always love to encourage adoption from your local shelter. Many people think an adult dog cannot be house trained past a certain age. Although slightly more challenging, any dog at any age can be house trained with some patience and support. All of these tips will be helpful in house training a rescue dog. 

Now I am definitely no expert, but there are some very helpful websites, like Web Md that give us a few easy, general tips to make house training your pup a little easier. 

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Keep your new pet on a regular meal schedule

It's really important to establish a consistent schedule for your pup. Start by feeding them at the same times everyday, making sure to visibly put their food away between meals.

Same goes for taking them out to do their business

Take them out first thing in the morning, and then once every 30 mins to an hour. After every meal, or nap, and lastly at night before their left alone. 

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Consistency is key

As well as feeding them and taking them out at similar times of the day, make sure to take them to the same spot every time they go to the toilet. Consistently smelling their scent in that area will prompt them to their business again. 

Go outside with them

Until they are completely trained, it's important to stay outside with them while their going to the toilet, as it may help to prevent accidents inside. 

Praise not punish

It's very important to praise your pup when they successfully go to the toilet outside. Punishing your dog for an accident inside will only teach them to fear you. Instead of punishing them, clap loudly so they know they have done something unacceptable, and immediately take them outside.

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Remember they're only learning

If a puppy has had an accident, whether its toilet related or chewing, and you only see the evidence not the actual act then don't react angrily by yelling or rubbing their nose into it. As they're not intellectually capable of connecting your anger with their accident. 

The clean up

A dogs scent is extremely important in their territory, as mentioned before, recognising their own toilet scent can entice them to do it again in that same spot. So if they've had an accident inside make sure to clean it up with an enzymatic cleanser rather than an ammonia-based cleaner to help eliminate their odour.   

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