Separation Anxiety in Dogs

July 30, 2019

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

The ups and downs of life effect us all, and is more often or not how we describe what it means to be human. We have a vast amount of complex emotions constantly reeling through each day, some good and some bad. But it's easy to forget about the extent of our dogs emotions. Although much simpler than us, dogs can feel an array of emotions ranging from fear, love, shyness to disgust.

The hardest part of our relationship with our pets is the limitation when it comes to communication. So it's important to be observant as we can with our dogs regular behaviour in order to make sure we can pick up when something is wrong or out of the ordinary.

Anxiety in dogs is a real issue, and there are many different types of anxious behaviour that our dogs can be demonstrating. The most common form of anxiety in dogs is, separation anxiety, an anxious emotion your dog may feel whenever they are not with you. There is no conclusive answer as to why some dogs suffer with separation anxiety and others don't. But there are a few indicators that will let you know if your dog is suffering with this particular form. 

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Overly exaggerated emotions before leaving or arriving home

It's a beautiful thing coming home to a pet that is overcome with joy just for your arrival home. But when the emotion is so overwhelming, it can also be an indicator that your dog is missing you a lot more than you think. 

Having a tendency to destroy, bark, runaway or have accidents throughout the day

There's a fine line between a misbehaving pup and a dog suffering with separation anxiety. If this is a habit that seems to have stuck, then it could be a sign of your dogs distress in your absence.

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Ways to possibly minimise separation anxiety in your dog

First and foremost, it is important to rule out any medical conditions that could also be causing this behaviour with your local Vet. 

Make leaving and arriving home low key

As hard as it sounds, try to ditch the big goodbyes or hellos when reuniting with your pooch. This then demonstrates to your dog that time apart is no big deal. 

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Usual habits

Have you noticed your dog tends to get nervous whenever you pick up your keys, or put your shoes on? They may have now recognised the usual things you do before you leave, and associated that with an anxious feeling. It may help to do these things regularly without any intention of leaving the house, to allow your dog to disassociate those actions with your absence.

Keep them busy

Giving your dog a puzzle treat before you leave is a great distraction that will help fight off any boredom your pooch may feel throughout the day. Our Snuffle Mat is an interactive stimulation toy, where you can hide your pets favourite treats! Click here to shop!

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Tire out

Another great option is to give your dog their walk in the mornings. Hopefully tiring them out enough to enjoy resting while you're gone.

Make your dog comfortable

A good space of their own filled with comforting items. Click here to see what Henley & Co dog bed would suit your pooch best, making their time alone as comfortable as it can be!

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