Steph Claire Smith and Ari the Cavoodle

July 01, 2019

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It’s no secret that celebrities love their precious pooches. We showcase some the spotlight-stealing dogs and their glamorous owners. First up is international model, Steph Claire Smith and her gorgeous two and a half-year-old cavoodle, Ari Gold. (A Cavoodle is a cavalier crossed with a small poodle)

How did Ari Gold get his name?

"My boyfriend Josh is a massive fan of the TV series Entourage and Ari Gold was his favourite character. It took us ages to think of it. We were disagreeing on names for weeks and it was only on the morning we picked Ari up that it came to us." 

Is this the first dog you have owned?

"Personally yes, but my family has always had dogs. I had two dogs growing up and they were always my best friends. When I got Ari it was a whole different relationship. He is like my child. He’s the most human-like dog I’ve ever come across."

Why did you choose this breed?

"Josh’s family had a cavoodle and he loved the breed. I was more familiar with Airdale terriers and cross breeds like Jack Russell Maltese dogs or Westies, so a cavoodle to me seemed like a teddy bear rather than a dog. I agreed to get him because he looked a little different to other cavoodle pups I’d seen and I’m so glad we did. He is so incredibly smart (that’s the poodle in him) and he was so easy to train. He’s also incredibly loyal, which I think comes from the cavalier side of him. The best part is that he doesn’t moult." 

Where is your favourite walking track of park to take your pup to?

"There’s a park close to our house I love taking him to. He doesn’t need a lead, which is great. He just runs circles around me while I do 3-5 laps and then we head home."

Is he an inside or outside pet?

"He’s an indoor pet but loves being outside."  

What is his favourite food?

"He loves roast chicken. Whenever I’m cooking it or ripping some apart in the kitchen he is sitting right by my toes waiting patiently for a piece." 

What is your Favourite Henley & Co product?

"Well Ari loves going under the covers when he’s up on our bed, so I think he is going to love the comforter cave bed." 

Describe your pooch in a sentence

"He loves a sleep in and a cuddle but more than anything, he loves his tennis ball."

Steph is an international Model boasting over 1.3 million followers on Instagram (@stephclairesmith) She is an Australian ambassador for Adidas and Clinique and the face of Bondi Sands Her website is 

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