Tail Wagging

June 06, 2019

Tail Wagging

From child to adult, to my understanding, there is no age limit to wishing we could communicate with our pets. What a perfect companionship that would be! Hungry? Frustrated? Happy? Do you love me as much as I love you? All questions that would be easily answered if dogs could just speak to us. Well maybe they do!

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I am most certainly no expert in the field, and there are plenty of incredible Dog behaviour specialists out there, that could do a great job at telling you specifically what your pooch is trying to say. But after extensive research on what a simple wag of the tail could mean, here is just a few...


Now there are so many factors that change the meaning of this. The different breeds of dog, of course, but direction and speed especially are key attributes to consider when trying to decipher what they might be telling you. 

Upright and wagging

An upright wagging tail, is most often considered to be a sign of joy in dogs, but is closer to an expression of excitement. 

Long strokes

It's the big, lengthy, and carefree wags that mean your dog is happy! 

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Gentle and backwards

A very gentle and backwards wag can be a sign that your dog is curious. If you find they've moved their tail between their legs, it could be a sign of being nervous or scared.

Neutral Tail

A neutral tail suggests your pooch is relaxed and just chilling!

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Held high, slow, short and stiff wags

Be wary with this one, as it may suggest aggression or hostility in dogs. The height of the tail can often be a sign of their confidence, so a high tail in this situation could mean their trying to assert their dominance. 

Much alike to words, tail wags can be placed in many different contexts, and often are less complex than they seem. This is a very general observation that will most definitely vary between breeds.

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