The ULTIMATE Guide to over 400 Dog Friendly Beaches in Australia

January 11, 2021

The ULTIMATE Guide to over 400 Dog Friendly Beaches in Australia




I grew up with an immense love of the ocean. Our family summer holidays were always spent sea side, and even winter trips to the beach were fun filled with cosy sunset walks and jumping in rock pools with gumboots.

As a mother of three, I would visit beaches and always rate them by “how much my kids would love this beach.” Now they are a bit older, and with three very active dogs in tow, I now think “how much would my dog love this beach.”

If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree there is nothing more satisfying than watching a dog run through the sand to the waters edge. RUN-SWIM-RUN (a few zoomies) RUN-SWIM-RUN (become best sandy friends with every other dog on the beach) RUN-SWIN-RUN (shake that water and sand off) RUN-SWIM-RUN!

I think it’s fair to say, if you have ever observed a dog owner at a dog friendly beach, they will have a look of exhilaration, watching their happy dog in a complete euphoric state of play. Because a good dog beach really is “Doggy Heaven.”

With Summer well under way now, we have compiled for you the Ultimate Guide to over 400 Dog Friendly Beaches in Australia, and a full list of the most popular Dog Beaches in your State.

Whether you are on holiday with your 4 legged friend, or just wanting to take a lovely day trip to the beach, pack your bags AND Doggy Bag and check out Australia’s most popular dog friendly beaches.

Before you start searching for your favourite play date spot below, just remember to prepare for your outing. Whilst some off leash dog beaches offer a drinking fountain for dogs, not all do! Always pack a small day bag with plenty of fresh water, portable water bowl, doggy poop bags, towels, treats, and your Pupper’s fav water toy!



🐾 Flora & Ritchie Roberts Reserve, Adam Street Reserve and Curl Curl Lagoon | 24h Dog Beach in Curl Curl

79 Carrington Parade, Curl Curl, New South Wales 
Flora & Ritchie Roberts Reserve is a large and very popular 24/7 dog beach with water access from sandy foreshore where Curl Curl Lagoon enters Curl Curl beach.
Adams Street Reserve is an open field and is off lead except when sports is played.
There is also a great on the lead walk all the way to Freshwater Beach (4km return) to get you both moving along stunning ocean

Curl Curl Dog Beach. Photo credit: @pawtothefloor


 🐾 North Shelly Beach | 24h Dog Beach in Toowoon Bay 

4.6 Surf Rider Ave, Shelly Beach, New South Wales
North Shelly Beach is a gorgeous dog beach for your pooch to run along and have a swim. Afterwards head to a dog friendly cafe, Muncha’s for breakfast, lunch or coffee.

🐾 Greenhills Beach | Timeshare Dog Beach in North Cronulla 

2B Mitchell Rd, Kurnell, New South Wales
Greenhills Beach is the only dog friendly ocean beach in Sydney. This dog beach is a great place for the pups who love the water and the soft sand. Beach access is restricted to Mon-Sun 4pm-10am, which is normally perfect for dog owners anyway. All the other times, dogs are prohibited from the beach.
Dog friendly part of the beach extends from Wanda track 5, north to gate 1.
There is a great on the lead walking track from Greenhills Beach to Shelly Park and back that takes about 1.5h.

🐾 Rose Bay Foreshore | 24h dog beach in Rose Bay

3 Caledonian Rd, Rose Bay, New South Wales
Beautiful 24h off the lead harbour dog beach right next door to Rose Bay shops and cafes. This large dog beach is great place to run in particularly at low tide. Great for swimming as well as the beach is very shallow. Sting rays have been spotted in the area so be mindful when entering the water. It can get crowded with dogs during the weekend peak hours so make sure you are observing your dog and others at all times.


🐾 MM Beach | 24h Dog Beach in Port Kembla

Gloucester Blvd, Port Kembla, New South Wales
This is a relatively sheltered beach mainly used by fishers and generally unsuitable for swimming, owing to rocks and the sewer outlet. However, there is plenty of room to run on the beach.

🐾 Nelsons Beach | Timeshare Dog Beach in Vincentia (Jervis Bay)

Nelsons Beach, Vincentia, New South Wales
Nelsons Beach is a dog friendly beach in Vincentia. Off-leash exercise area restricted times are 4pm – 8am – 1 Oct – 30 April 3pm – 10am – 1 May – 30 Sept.


🐾 Rowland Reserve | 24h Dog Beach in Bayview

Bayview Park, Bayview, New South Wales
Rowland Reserve in Bayview is the best dog beach / dog park in Sydney!
It has a large green area to run and play with drinking water in the middle. The beach itself offers plenty of space to run, chase and wrestle. Water access is great and you can easily join your pup for a swim. During the weekend dog washing services are available in the park.
Drive (or swim?) to the dog friendly pub Newport across the water for a relaxing drink
Dogs are prohibited at all times in Collingwood Beach – prohibited area excludes the cycleway, which is an on-leash area. Please note that west of the cycleway is also a prohibited area.



Fun in the Sun at Rowland Reserve Dog Beach. Photo credit : @saloluna

Brunswick Heads off lead beach | 24h Dog Beach in Brunswick Heads

Brunswick Heads, Brunswick Heads, New South Wales
Off lead area on this dog beach is from a point south of Brunswick Heads Surf Club extending south for one kilometre.

🐾 Hams Beach | 24h Dog Beach in Caves Beach

7 Mawson Cl, Caves Beach, New South Wales
Access to this 24h dog beach is off Mawson Close, covering that part of the reserve between the Hams Beach car park and the ocean. Leash free at all times.


🐾 Stanwell Park Beach | 24h Dog Beach in Stanwell Park

Stanwell Park Beach, Stanwell Park, New South Wales

Access to this 24h Dog Friendly Beach is via Park Parade. The dedicated off leash area is north of northern lagoon.
Stanwell Park is a gorgeous place just south of the Royal National Park. There is one main beach and a very large grassy area where dogs must be on leash adjacent to the beach. There is also a children’s playground, BBQ facilities, and a cafe where dogs are not allowed.

🐾 Sirius Cove | Timeshare Dog Beach in Mosman

Foreshore Track, Mosman, New South Wales
This beautiful dog beach in Mosman is a must visit for all dogs that love to swim. There is a large grass area to chill or have a picnic. Access to the water is great as the water is rather shallow but will get deep enough for a great swim for your furry friend. Sirius Cove is 24 off lead during the weekdays and 4pm – 9am during the weekend.

Sirius Cove Dog Beach. Photo Credit :


🐾 Birubi Beach Reserve | Timeshare Dog Beach in Anna Bay

Anna Bay, Anna Bay, New South Wales
Timeshare dog beach in Anna Bay, right next door to Worimi National Park. This is a great spacious beach for dogs and people to swim and play. It goes for kilometres and will give your dog plenty of exercise and freedom

North Shelly Beach | 24h Dog Beach in Toowoon Bay

Surf Rider Ave, Shelly Beach, New South Wales

North Shelly Beach is a gorgeous dog beach for your pooch to run along and have a swim. Afterwards head to a dog friendly cafe, Muncha’s for breakfast, lunch or coffee.

🐾 Sandy Bay | 24h Dog Beach in Clontarf

Sandy Bay Road, Clontarf, New South Wales
24h dog beach Sandy Bay is a great spot to take your dog for a swim. Walk to Clontarf Reserve afterwards for a nice cup of coffee.


🐾 Silver Beach | 24h Dog Beach in Kurnell

314 Prince Charles Parade, Kurnell, New South Wales
Silver Beach is a dog beach providing a great outing for your pup. Plenty of place to run and jump into the refreshing water. Dog off lead area is between the 3rd and 4th groyne (the rocky walls) at the intersection of Ward Road and Prince Charles Parade.

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One of the most popular Dog Friendly Beaches in Melbourne, this fully enclosed beach area is hands down amazing.
Sandown Street Beach is a 24h Dog Park in Brighton. Off leash area of the beach is completely fenced off and combined with usual calm waters it is a great places for even a little less confident pooches. For further details and information about this

Brighton Dog Beach. Photo Credit: @mackie.henley.marlowe 

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