Ways to keep your dogs teeth healthy

August 15, 2019 1 Comment

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Our dogs health is our main priority, and their dental hygiene should be a regular concern for every pet owner. Worryingly enough it can often be overlooked or under cared for, resulting in eventual issues with your dogs teeth. Which can be extremely painful for you pooch. Regularly taking your dog to your local vet for professional teeth cleaning is of course a great way to ensure healthy dental hygiene for your dog. But there are also a few choices you can make to maintain the cleanliness in between the visits to the vet. 

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Good quality food makes a huge difference!

Not only is it important to be feeding your dog high quality ingredients for their overall health, but it's important to maintain the wellness of their teeth as well. A good diet helps to control tartar and plaque.

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Chewing is crucial for maintaining healthy strong teeth and gums. But it's all about monitoring what it is your dog chews on, as some things may have the opposite effect. Chew toys made from rubber are a great option to scrape off soft plaque. 

Our humanely sourced Deer Antlers are also a great treat to chew on as they're sustainable, and high in healthy minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus.

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Home cleaning

Cleaning your pooches teeth with specific dog-friendly products is definitely the most effective way in maintaining the health of your dogs teeth. You cannot use human toothpaste or human toothbrushes. So make sure to ask your local vet about toothbrushes and toothpaste specifically right for your dog.

Now this process can be difficult for both you and your pooch to get used to, so if possible introduce a routine of brushing their teeth early in their life to allow them to become accustom to the sensations. Ideally cleaning your dogs teeth once a day is most effective, if possible!


Many dog snacks on the market are horrible for the health of your dogs teeth. High quality treats with nutritional value are the best option for your pup to chew on. We have an amazing range of 100% natural and high-quality, dehydrated dog treats. With treats ranging from shark cartilage, beef liver and chicken necks. The dehydration process of our selected produce, like our chicken necks, is dried rather than cooked, so when chewed will break and not splinter. Making it a much safer option for your pooch!

Our shark cartilage is also a great source of Chondroitin Sulphate, Glucosamine Sulphate, Protein & Calcium, while being a natural anti inflammatory which can reduce joint swelling. 

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