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Puts your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature.

Snuffle Mats are a pet training and interactive stimulation blanket in which you can hide your dog's favorite snacks.

The mats are designed as an enrichment activity designed to use your dogs greatest sense, their nose. The action of sniffing out a treat is hugely satisfying and self-rewarding for your dog.

The texture of the product is soft, and it's bite & tear resistant, durable, and convenient to clean.  

The Snuffle Mat is also a great way to train your dog, feed fussy and fast eaters, and offers great brain stimulation.

Ideal those Rainy Days when it’s too wet to walk. 

Snuffle mats will especially tire a puppy. 

One Size  60 x 100cm
Material high-grade polar fleece

How to Use  To get the most out of your Snuffle Mat, step by step instructions will be sent with your purchase. 

Care: Machine wash and tumble dry.

Ideal For

* All size dogs and breeds, even pot belly pigs will love It!

* Highly Active Dogs

* Puppy

* Fast or fussy eaters

* dogs in training