Super Soft Henley & Co Pet Blanket


Give your Dog the Ultimate in Softness and Luxury! 

The Lush Henley & Co pet blanket will forever keep your pooch warm and cosy, carrying your Dog off to Sweet Dreams every night. 

High quality Coral Fleece with a warm thickness of 280gsm, the generous size 150 x 100cm is ideal for even the largest dog. 

* Tips on washing your Fleece Blanket to keep it soft, fluffy, and pill free *

Always machine wash fleece alone or with other fleece blankets and clothing that is similar in texture to prevent abrasion. Fill the washing machine halfway with cold or lukewarm water, and then add a gentle laundry detergent. It is best to avoid washing in warm water, which can cause pilling. Let the detergent dissolve until it creates suds before putting the blanket into the machine. Never use bleach on a fleece blanket. Allow the washer to go through its gentle cycle, and then add fabric softener if desired and rinse the blanket one more time. This helps ensure all of the detergent comes out, and leaves the blanket soft and fresh.