Corporate Supporter of RSPCA Victoria

Henley & Co are proud to be a Corporate Supporter of RSPCA Victoria. Established in 1871, RSPCA Victoria is Australia’s leading animal welfare charity. Its vision is to end cruelty to all animals and with the community, achieve outstanding animal welfarethrough education, advocacy, animal care and protection.

“RSPCA Victoria was delighted to be chosen as Henley & Co’s chosen charity in November 2017 and since then has received many hundreds of dog beds, bowls, blankets and toys. These items have been used throughout our services, including our Foster carersreceiving pet bedding, fundraising through our RSPCA Op Shops and in providing the dogs in our care with toys which helps them play and have an enriched environment. We are very grateful to now be named as Henley & Co’s charity partner”

  • Helen Canny Business Development & Partnerships Manager at RSPCA VICTORIA

Henley & Co will continue their partnership with RSPCA Victoria, and to-date, has proudly donated over $80,000 worth of products to assist in the welfare of animals,including ongoing support through its 'Rescue Range', whereby 100% of profits from this source is also donated.

Henley & Co is also actively involved in fund raising events, such as the Annual ‘Million Paws Walk', and continues to work closely with the RSPCA in raising ongoing awareness of care and welfare of animals.