Our Story

Henley & Co is a luxe Australian pet brand offering lucky pooches & their owners (worldwide) a heavenly collection of dog beds and accessories. Founded by Melbourne Mum of three Kate Brown, Henley & Co provides discerning pet owners with a stunning array of unique dog accessories that not only offer superior comfort for the four-legged folk, but add a serious dash of style around the home.

Formerly a cake making dynamo with her business Kiss Me Kate Events, at the start of 2017, Kate redirected her creativity into a business that is very close to her heart. An animal lover her entire life, Kate’s passion has been rescuing and protecting dogs and animals from cruelty, an empathy undoubtedly ignited when her Grandfather signed her up to the WWF to save the Bengal Tiger as a 4 year old. Aside from creating beautiful products to spoil pups, Henley & Co is a vehicle through which Kate can continue to support this cause – with a percentage of profits being donated to various animal shelters around Australia and the world.

Henley & Co has recently partnered with the RSPCA and has recently become an official Corporate Supporter of RSPCA Victoria.

The Henley & Co Rescue Range is solely designed to support the RSPCA with more than $80,000 in donations already having been donated to the Organisation in 2017 alone. Henley & Co have also dedicated their time to support other Animal Rescue organisations throughout Australia including Save-a-Dog Scheme, Second Chance Animal Rescue and Australian Working Dog Rescue (AWDRI)

Named after Henley Beach in Adelaide after a serendipitous moment where Kate received a call saying a new Vizsla puppy was available to her – only moments after another Vizsla named Henley and its owner had stopped to say hello on the beach. Having mused over her new business idea for months, Henley & Co suddenly crystallised as the perfect solution for a business that allowed Kate to create beautiful things, be a present mum to her children, and continue her crusade against animal cruelty.

Written By Sally Richardson
Sugar & Spice