Cat Ball Toy Automatic Food/Treat Dispenser

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  • SLOW MOTION SPEED Spinning becomes slower after the feather is attached. It is exclusively made for those pet owners preferring a pet-friendly cat toy with tender motion rather than overly fast speed.

  • INTERACTIVE CAT TOY What cat toy can beat a wobbling ball with rotating feathers? Our fun toy can save your energy and play with your kitten automatically with his/her favorite wand.

  • AUTOMATIC PLAY AND SHUTDOWN The kitten toy comes with a built-in sensor to auto start or shut down its motion depending on cat's reaction. The whole playing time is made effortless!

  • GOOD EXERCISE TOY When your cat chases the ball, he/she also burns calories and fight obesity. It's a great toy to keep your cat mentally stimulated.

  • REWARD BY FOOD DISPENSING The ball is also a food/treat dispenser. Just like in the wild, the cat gets rewards after he/she captures a prey! The toy is powered by two AAA batteries. Batteries are not included in the package.

  •  Size:83.97mm(Bottle diameter)X 320.78mm (Total toy height)

*Please allow 3 weeks for dispatch