Moboli Capsule Cat Carrier

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Moboli provide transport solutions for the modern paw-parent with their range of sleek cat carriers.

Looking for a modern solution for transporting your cat? Look no further than the Mobili Capsule Cat Carrier. This ultra lightweight carry capsule features a fully enclosed design with vents providing airflow to your pet. The wide rear hatch provides a comfortable entry and exit from the carrier, while the mesh window is designed for one-way access - enabling you to provide comfort to your cat, or top up food or water during long journeys.

  • Vents provide fresh air flow
  • One-way feed and petting window
  • Secure stainless steel lock
  • Wide opening provides comfortable entry and exit from the carrier
  • Suitable for cats or small dogs up to 10 kg

Dimensions: 47 cm x 31.5 cm x 31 cm. Net weight 1.3 kg.