Automatic Water Fountain Stainless Steel 1.35L

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Ever searched for pet products that dont just look the part, but play the part as well?

Well, your search is now over! Petkits intelligent range of accessories is perfect for the modern pet parent, incorporating clever technologies to make life just that little bit easier - and happier.

The Eversweet Drinking Fountain is a sleek and intelligent water bowl for your pet, filtering water through three different medias to ensure a debris-, heavy metal-free supply of water for your pet always. It even adjusts the water welling frequency depending on the time of day! The ultra-silent operation also minimises the sound of dripping water, while water shortage reminders and filter changer reminders make sure that you know when the water supply is full and fresh.

The new and improved Version 2 design also has an upgraded filter, allowing for double the volume of filter materials for even cleaner water. Within the fountain, water circulates in a W-shaped 360-degree rotation to ensure constant and complete filtration for completely purified, amazing-tasting water.

  • Version 2 of the fountain includes an upgraded filter, allowing for double the volume of filter materials and even cleaner water
  • Smart light sensor
  • When running in Smart mode, the fountain is quieter, more energy-saving, and can automatically change the water welling frequency depending on whether it is daytime or night-time
  • When running on Normal mode, the water will well and filter continuously
  • Replaceable filter units with multiple media, including mesh (captures hair and debris), activated carbon (removes odour and bad tastes) and ion-exchange-resin (to screen heavy metals from water)
  • 12V ultra-silent pump for quiet operation
  • Easy-fill inner bucket
  • Filter change light indicator
  • Easy to view water level window