Super Soft Memory Foam Nesting Bed

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The luxuriously soft Nesting Bed is designed to offer your Pup a soothing, comfortable and relaxing space.

Featuring a premium memory foam filling that contours to body shape, the Nesting Bed provides the right amount of support that will gently sway your pup into a realm of peace and tranquility. 

It comes with a unique supportive bolster on which they can easily rest their head.

The inner filling is crafted to provide even weight distribution across the bed. The microfiber combined with composite suede material will effectively stabilize temperature, providing extreme comfort.

The Memory Foam Nesting Bed is made of a high-quality, durable micro-velvet fabric,  The fabric is a skin-friendly construction with exceptional resistance towards flea, mite, dampness, and bacteria. 

Anti Slip, waterproof base.

The nesting bed supports body joints and helps them fall in a deep and restorative sleep. It comprises of detachable cover for easy cleaning.


  • Memory foam filling
  • Ergonomic posture
  • Perfect body contour
  • Supportive bolster
  • Detachable cover
  • Machine washable
  • Quilted micro velvet fabric
  • Anti-slip bottom


Cover material: Micro velvet fabric

Side material: Composite suede

Base material: Polyester

Filling: Memory foam

Dimension (L x W x H):

M:  85cm x 58cm x 8cm

L:115cm x 78cm x 8cm

Colour: Grey