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Massive Clearance Sale on all Henley & Co Sample Beds.

All sample beds are still Brand New, however may have been used in a Photo Shoot, display or advertising. 

There are no faults or physical to damage to the beds. Some may be returns that have been opened but never used. 

All Sample beds are sold as is. There is NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE ON SAMPLES

Our Bold Stripe Tee Pee features a luxurious inner cushion and is a gorgeous alternative to a dog bed or mat.

Dogs who prefer enclosed spaces will love this alternative space to sleep or rest.

With an open space at the front of the tee pee, your pup will feel safe coming and going freely from their space.

Ideal for small to medium sized dogs .

Small  60*50*50cm

Large 70*60*60cm 

Ideal for:

* Puppy or small dog

* Dog who feels safe by being enclosed