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Massive Clearance Sale on all Henley & Co Sample Beds.

All sample beds are still Brand New, however may have been used in a Photo Shoot, display or advertising. 

There are no faults or physical to damage to the beds. Some may be returns that have been opened but never used. 

All Sample beds are sold as is. There is NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE ON SAMPLES

Constructed from a bamboo base and equipped with a suspended cushion, this hammock looks great in any space, and is sure to keep your furry friend comfortable all day.

The hammock’s cushion is made from high quality suede that is stain resistant. In the event that an accident does occur, the hammock cushion can be easily removed and thrown right into a washing machine.

One Size Overall Measurement 60x60cm. Cushion 50x50cm Height 25cm

Ideal For

* Puppy

*Small Dog