The Chilly Dog Shark

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The Shark 

This hilarious Shark Sweater will make a big splash in your neighborhood when you stroll down the street with your pooch.

Chilly Dog Sweaters are the warmest dog sweaters out there. Don’t let your dog be left out in the cold, choose this original hand knit wool sweater for dogs.

A 100% Wool, Fair Trade Sweater
Chilly Dog Sweaters are 100% wool made in the Northern Highlands of South America by descendants of the Inca Indians. The Incas have handed down the craft of knitting through many generations. Chilly Dog directly employs two families to knit sweaters and practices within the guidelines of Fair Trade.

S           4.5 - 8kg
M          8 - 13kg
L           13 - 18kg
XL        18 - 27kg
XXL      27 - 36kg
XXXL   36 - 55kg