Tom Fido Sunglasses

Tom Fido Sunglasses - the latest cool, new, designer dog toy from Haute Diggity Dog. Haute Diggity Dog is the original desinger parody dog toy!  Fashionable dogs and their owners will love this cute new toy that looks just like a pair of designer sunglasses!  Tom Fido sunglasses toy is made of soft plush material with two squeakers inside (one inside each lens).  Every Pampered Pup deserves one of these stylish toys! Tom Fido Sunglasses toy makes a great gift too

Tom Fido Sunglasses available in 1 size only. Measures 5 inches.

Henley & Co advises supervision of plush toys with all dogs at all times. 

All plush toys in the Haute Diggity Dog Range are not chew proof and contain a squeaker.